Working at Heights

Working at Heights

Working at Heights

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Working at Heights - $195.00

Working at Heights & Fall Protection – Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved

Duration: Full day

Cost: $195.00

Who Should Attend

WAH & fall protection – Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved course is Mandatory for workers who work in Construction.  Individuals who will be working at heights or interacting with those who work at heights.

All workers who use fall protection on a construction project must complete an approved working at heights training program. The extension applies only to experienced workers - those who completed fall protection training prior to April 1, 2015 - who are enrolled in a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved working at heights training program scheduled to be completed before October 1, 2017.

Course Goals

The Silecio Working at Heights & Fall Prevention Course – Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved Course is designed to provide those working at heights with training in proper inspection of equipment for damage, as well as proper procedures for setting up/relocating/removing protective equipment.

This session will also provide demonstrations and hands-on training for how to use fall-arrest equipment (and other accident preventing devices), and will discuss workers rights.

Course Content

The Silecio Working at Heights & Fall Prevention - Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved Course combines a basic theory module course and a practical equipment course.

I: Basic Theory Module

  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Identification of the Hazards of Working at Heights
  • Eliminating or Controlling Hazards
  • Warning Methods & Physical Barriers
  • Ladders & Similar Equipment
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment

II: Practical Equipment

  • Barriers & Safety Nets
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points
  • Work Positioning Systems & Platforms
  • Rescue Planning


Course Materials

As a participant of Silecio’s Working at Heights Training Course, you will receive a participant manual, a test to evaluate your understanding, and a record of attendance. Should you meet the requirements of the course, you will also receive proof of your certification in the form of a wallet card. Certificate is valid for three years from the training date.

Important Notice

A practical demonstration of harness inspection and donning is provided in the course, as all participants are required to inspect and don a harness during the class. Participants must bring their own harness and lanyard to the class.

This course is designed in accordance with the Ontario Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments, the Ontario Regulation 213/91 for Construction Projects, the Ontario Regulation 67/93 for Health Care and Residential Facilities and ensures competency of those working at heights.




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Comments ( 17 )

  • Clarke

    Great class! Thanks a lot Rick! Very informative and practical. I can really apply what I learned and I got to ask all my questions as well.

  • Peter Zumpano

    Best instructor evvveeerrr

  • Mathew

    Very knowledgable and professional

  • Kyle

    Good course but where is the pizza

  • Daniel

    Rick’s awesome. Came in and taught me things I wasn’t aware of. Learned allot today. Happy birthday Rick!

  • Jason henderspn

    Great teacher well worth it…

  • Anthony

    Very informative and useful. Questions answered and information was easly to understand

  • John powell

    Course was awesome. Instructor was informative and helpful

  • Zain Syed

    Class was well taught. Instructor covered everything. Learned a lot from this course.

  • Tyler Goncalo

    Ricardo Paradinha is a great teacher, learned a lot in his class.

  • Jeff

    Ricardo was ****ing awesome he deserves a raise. Great teacher, great program looking forward to the next class!

  • Lucas G

    Good instructor. I did not fall asleep so that’s a bonus!

  • Justin Bialek

    Course was very informative and would recommend it to others. It was easy to understand

  • Jeff broadhead

    Excellent course. Got a real grasp on working at hights

  • Jeff Prentice

    Great instructer, lots of information, learned and made the day fly by. Great course

  • Gino Del Gobbo

    Great job

  • Vince van hezewyk

    The instructor (Ricardo ) was very helpful and made the course more helpful than any safety training I have done in the past , he was very honest about the way things works and how important it is to do al the required steeps to ensure you are safe and won’t have insurance trouble

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