About Silecio

Since establishing itself in 2014, Silecio Safety’s purpose has been to make the workplace a safe place, to ensure that every worker is protected, and that working men and women go home safe at the end of the day.

Our team is comprised of highly-trained health and safety professionals with excellent in-depth health and safety knowledge.

This means clients receive top-quality training and expertise from professionals with real knowledge of the industry.


In-House, On-Site and Online Training

Investing in training means investing in your business and leads to benefits that directly impact your bottom line. Silecio Safety understands that time is valuable, but so is the health and safety of your employees, which is why we offer:

Our mobile safety training can be done at your home, office, warehouse, jobsite, or even online.

Health & Safety Consulting

Silecio Safety provides many health and safety services including program and policy development, procuring H&S equipment, as well as consulting services. Silecio Safety breaks down ‘consulting’ into 5 major areas of concern:

Silecio Safety consultants have the knowledge, experience and technical know-how to help your company succeed in realizing its H&S goals.

Health and Safety Equipment

Silecio would be happy to procure any health and safety equipment you require, including but not limited to: personal protective equipment (PPE), fire extinguishers, first aid kits, safety boards, signs, barriers, etc. Silecio Safety is always updating our inventory. To see our catalog, please visit our online store (currently under construction) or contact us by phone 1-855-852-2199, email [email protected] or fill out this form, and one of our health and safety professionals will contact you shortly.