COR Pre-Audit Questionnaire

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Element 1 – Policy Statement

1. Does your organization have a health and safety policy statement? YesNo

Element 2 – Hazard Assessment, Analysis and Control

1. Are hazard assessments conducted, documented, and approved by senior management for all operations? YesNo

2. Do you have a list of identified critical tasks? YesNo

Element 3 – Safe Work Practices

1. Have Safe Work Practices been documented? YesNo

Element 4 – Safe Job Procedures

1. Have Safe Job Procedures been documented? YesNo

Element 5 - Company Rules

1. Are company rules clearly stated in writing and provided to each employee? YesNo

2. Do you have a progressive discipline procedure? YesNo

Element 6 – Personal Protective Equipment

1. Is there a written policy governing mandatory use of PPE? YesNo

Element 7 – Preventative Maintenance

1. Do you have a preventative maintenance program for facilities, tools, equipment and vehicles? YesNo

2. Do you have a list of inventory items to be maintained? YesNo

3. Is maintenance being performed as planned? YesNo

Element 8 – Training and Communications

1. Do you have a documented orientation program? YesNo

2. Is job specific training provided and are records retained? YesNo

3. Is all required training up-to-date? YesNo

4. Are records of safety meetings retained? (i.e. tool box talks, Joint health and safety committee) YesNo

Element 9 – Workplace Inspections

1. Do you have a documented workplace inspection procedure? YesNo

2. Are specific forms and or checklists used for recording inspections? YesNo

Element 10 – Investigating and Reporting

1. Do you have a documented policy and procedure for the investigating and reporting of incidents, accidents, near-misses etc.? YesNo

Element 11 – Emergency Preparedness

1. Do documented emergency preparedness and emergency response plans include the most appropriate responses to identified hazards and address the potential for emergency situations? YesNo

2. Do the plans define the roles and responsibilities of relevant personnel? YesNo

3. Have appropriate emergency response resources and equipment been made available? YesNo

Element 12 – Statistics and Records

1. Is there a document procedure to organize monitor and measure Occupational Health & Safety performance? YesNo

2. Is occupational health and safety performance being measured at a specified frequency? YesNo

3. Are monthly and annual summaries of health and safety statistics available? YesNo

Element 13 – Legislation

1. Is health and safety legislation (all acts regulations and apply. considered during the job planning process? YesNo

2. Have supervisors and workers been trained on their rights and responsibilities and how to exercise them? YesNo

Element 14 – Occupational Health

1. Has the organization conducted risk assessments for occupational health hazards? YesNo

2. Is there a documented procedure that addresses working safely with chemicals, physical agents, biological agents, lead, asbestos, silica etc.? YesNo

Element 15 – First Aid

1. Is there a documented procedure for the provisions and maintenance of first aid that includes qualified first aid or posting first aid training certificates and a process for maintaining and recertifying first aid attendance? YesNo

Element 16 – Health and Safety Representative and Joint Health and Safety Committee

1. Do you have a joint health and safety committee? YesNo

2. Does your organization have documented procedures for the selection of roles and responsibilities in the establishment criteria for joint health and safety committees? YesNo

Element 17 – Workplace Violence and Harassment

1. Does your organization have a workplace violence and harassment policy statement that is current, is reviewed annually, and is visibly posted in the workplace or made available to the workers? YesNo

Element 18 – Return to Work and Re-Employment

1. Does your organization have a written return to work and reemployment policy and procedure? YesNo

Element 19 - Management Review

1. Does the senior management have a policy for conducting an annual review of the organizations Occupational Health & Safety program? YesNo


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